Wojtek Fus is a Polish-born Concept Artist currently located in Elblag, Poland. For the past 5 years he has been working within the videogaming industry often freelance, for some of the biggest studios out there Рsuch as the likes of Guerrilla Games, Quantic Dream, Applibot and also CD Projekt RED.

Wojtek Fus - Photo

Currently he works at One Pixel Brush, which is a design studio that has worked on so many videogames for so many publishers that it will likely take many articles for us to cover the breadth of their work.

Below we are sharing some of the work that Wojtek Fus has created throughout these past lot of years, we’ll be sharing some of his personal work that he has done within his free time but also several bits of work from Witcher 3, Legends of the Cryptid and Star Wars: The Old republic.

If you’d like to see further pieces of work from Wojtek you can check out his Artstation portfolio here or follow him on his Facebook page.

Wojtek Fus - Ciri Meditating

Image I was honored to do for CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, first as a an art test, then as a final image used as a concept for the main menu screen of the game.

Wojtek Fus - Fallen


Project Horus

The Verge - Wojtek Fus

Personal piece that is a result of my need to explore new techniques, stories and software

Goddess of the Sacred Forest

Thanks for taking a look at the work of Wojtek Fus, if you’d like to see more artists or wish to suggest a videogame for us to focus on – do get in touch!