Hitman Absolution was created in 2012 by IO Interactive and as of until recently it was the most recent entry into the Hitman franchise.

Today we have some work from MOOD Visual Studio, artwork from the likes of Jan Ditlev, Rasmus Berggreen and also from Jonas Springborg.

MOOD had worked with IO Interactive on the reboot of Hitman back in 2012 to achieve a distinct style and personal journey for Agent 47 to go through.

The world and also, concept art you are going to be seeing below is evidently dark and gritty and follows the entire vibe throughout the game. They had worked on the creation of environments, marketing assets and storyboards for trailers.

To make thing’s a bit easier we have sectioned the work off according to which artist created the work, so take a look, enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for more Hitman concept art in the future!




Thanks for taking a peek at just some of the artwork created for Hitman Absolution, if you’d like to see your favorite game or have an artist that you would like us to take a look at – or even have work yourself to share, please do get in touch with us here at Escape The Level.