Escape The Level is a videogame design blog centered around sharing some of the best and inspiring Concept Art and Design.

It is a passion project created by Kevin Johnson otherwise known as @T0TALfps, an individual who currently works within the videogaming industry as a community representative and in his spare time is a freelance website designer.

Escape The Level exists to inspire gamers about concept art and provide kudos to concept artist’s and fans alike for sharing passion and creating those very first steps in a videogames design direction.


Escape The Level


Can I buy ad-space?

Nope, sorry. We do not sell or use any advertising on Escape The Level, if you see something that we seem to be shouting about a little louder – it’s usually because as gamers, we are excited about it too. We may allow donations in the future to help, but never ads (we hate them!)

Where do you find all the art?

We spend a fair chunk of hours looking through the internet, we come across a lot of art through our lines of work too. Sometimes our readers even suggest a game or someone to look at too! We even work directly with publishers, developers and the artists themselves to curate some articles.

Can you feature me then?

We would love to hear from you to see if your work fits what we are aiming to do here, if you are a artist, developer, publisher or anything else – get in touch.

You’ve featured my work without permission?!

We aim to credit and make sure everything is sound before we publish content, but if we’ve messed up get in touch with us and we will try and work it out. The ultimate aim is to inspire people, we hope you understand.


We are on the lookout for awesome concept art, if you are a concept artist and have worked on a videogame or if you want to show off your fan art we are looking for you.

Currently we are working nonstop to contact developers and publishers in hopes of putting the spotlight on this artform, if you can speed that up by contacting us – that’s a bonus!


Below you can find a link for some of our logo’s that we frequently use here on Escape The Level, if you fancy using them on your site or on content please do get in touch with us so we can linkback or share!