The Art of Star Wars Battlefront

Anton Grandert, is a Lead Senior Concept Artist who has currently been working at DICE for a fair amount of years. Last month, we had taken a look at a portion of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Concept Art he had created throughout the course of development of the game.

This month, we are continuing that look through his frankly, awe-inspiring work with our next article.

Join us as we take a look at The Art of Star Wars Battlefront created by Anton Grandert, if you’d like to view some of his personal work you can check out his portfolio here.

Star Wars Battlefront Concept Art
Star Wars Battlefront Concept Art by Anton Grandert

Planetary Approach


In 2013 it was revealed that Electronic Arts had purchased the exclusive rights to develop games within the Star Wars universe. Initially the development of Star Wars Battlefront was almost a missed opportunity however, once DICE had learnt of the opportunity to develop a Star Wars title they worked with Patrick Söderlund to make it a possibility.

Development of the game began shortly thereafter with the team heading off to visit the iconic locations of the movies and also visited the Lucas Archives to get as close to the original models as possible.

Throughout the next section you can check out some of the various key art and location concepts that Anton Grandert and the team created for the game.

Star Wars Battlefront Inspiration Posters

Anton had even found time to create a series of inspirational posters, some of which even featured some of the Battlefront team members from DICE Stockholm. The Art Style within the set of posters were heavily inspired by the work of Ralph McQuarrie and the legendary Drew Struzan.

The Art of Star Wars Battlefront