We have some bonus material from Alex Jay Brady to share alongside our main article that we had released this past week when we took a look at the concept art of Battlefield Hardline with an interview from Patrick O’Keefe.

Today we are sharing some of the rather extensive work that freelance concept artist Alex Jay Brady created during her time at EA / Visceral for Battlefield Hardline. You may recognize some of the vehicles and work shown below and some of it you may have never seen before, including vehicles that didn’t even make it into the game!

Alex Jay Brady has worked on the likes of Fast and Furious: Supercharged, Guardians of the Galaxy, Landrover, Jaguar and is currently spending her time on creating early assets for two new movies – busy bee!

If you’d like to get to know more about her and the work she has done, take a look at her portfolio here.




alex-jay-brady-h59 alex-jay-brady-h56 alex-jay-brady-h55



alex-jay-brady-low-rider-fsfsfortho-int alex-jay-brady-lr333

alex-jay-brady-limo4 alex-jay-brady-sdsds




That’s all for another part in our Art of Battlefield series, if you’d like to view more in this series you can do so by checking out the articles below!

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