Here’s our recap for February 2016!

February has been an awesome month for me here on Escape The Level, it and really, in hindsight it has been the first month in which I have actually kicked ETL off – making a whole lot more posts compared to the last lot of months here on Escape The Level.

This past month has been a blast to the stats too with 170,000 hits and 16,000+ individual readers we are not doing too bad for a little site! We hope all those new and old continue to visit us and enjoy the artwork of the gaming industry!


The Art of Battlefield

This month I had teamed up with Electronic Arts to see if we could do a series of articles that takes a look back at the artwork of Battlefield, all the way from the very beginning – something which one of our readers has said they dont think they’ve actually seen done before.

Reading peoples reactions and seeing them share memories of those games of old has been really awesome.

Initially I had intended to have all the articles within this series up before the end of February however there are a few things I want to work on before showing the last lot of articles, so please keep those eyes peeled on that!

It has been a really great month with The Art of Battlefield series that I had been doing and i’m extending it into March slightly to ensure I get some cracking good ones out for the last few pieces.

It had also brought me onto reflecting upon what other franchises / series would I want to showcase within a ‘special feature’ scenario in the months ahead, and while I have a few ideas I do also want to hear from you guys about your suggestions – hopefully more developers and publishers will be open to doing more with us too, and possibly further look backs at other EA titles too!

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Moving into March

March is now upon us and there are a lot of things to look forward to and a few big games to play also! A week or so ago I ran a very short poll to see what sort of content people would like to see and it was made clear that folks want lots more artwork, a few giveaways and interviews too – Perhaps we will start progress on those things this month, who knows!

Don’t forget if you have anything to contribute or wish to suggest a theme or artists to us, or wish to submit your own work – contact us and we’ll get in touch!

Best Articles from February

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February’s Escape The Level Changelog

  • Escape The Level has grown in size, Studios and Inspiration Collections added to the top menu.
  • Altered the layout and content offering of the homepage, now you should see lots more articles under your favorite categories.
  • Updated our Cookies & Policy page
  • Added a new Trending feature to the nav, allowing you to see what folks have been reading this past day, week and month.
  • Added a new submission form to the navigation bar that slides out from the right, its pretty swanky, right?
  • Also made steps to significantly speed up the load of the site and optimize a few areas of it, hopefully its better now!
  • Pagination issue reported in last months recap has now been fixed :3