Here’s our recap for January 2016!

Here at EscapeTheLevel I have been publishing some awesome articles for the past three months. These past three months combined we have had over 1500 unique readers venturing to have a look at the inspiration articles we’ve been creating with over 130,000 hits. Thing’s arent going too bad to consider that it is a one-manned project right now, let’s wrap up with January.

EscapeTheLevel is definitely a little pet project for me and I enjoy inspiring and sharing the work of others and allowing others to revel in the awesomeness that is, videogame concept art – be it fan made or within the industry. As time goes on we will be sitting down with a few developers to ask some questions that are being sent in to me and allow for folks who are interested, to read more about what it takes to get involved in this side of the industry.

It’s been a good three months, and we are now into the next one – so stay tuned keep an eye out for more articles coming in the next few days. Below you can find a recap of January’s concept art here at EscapeTheLevel.

[ess_grid alias=”J16″]

Moving into February

It’s a new month which also means new articles, you can expect all of the same goodness that you have seen over the past few months and a few other tidbits such as interviews and maybe a few more surprises. We really hope you’re enjoying the browse here at EscapeTheLevel and we thank you for doing so too!
If you have anything to contribute or wish to suggest a theme or artists to us, or wish to submit your own work – contact us and we’ll get in touch!

EscapeTheLevel Changelog

I’ve made a few changes to EscapeTheLevel this past month, below you can find a small changelog.

  • Added Home button to help with those getting lost on pages 😛
  • Redesigned the About Page significantly.
  • Creating a separate submission page for folks to share work.
  • Made massive changes to the way EscapeTheLevel’s homepage works, more content can now be seen.
  • I am aware of a pagination issue on the homepage, this is the platforms issue and should be fixed by them soon.
  • Removed ‘ArtHub’ about page as thats now the whole focus of the site!


See you at next months recap!