Today we have some Quantum Break Art to share with you, initially revealed way back in May 2013 and today, has finally released. Boasting an awesome videogame cast of the likes of Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan, Lance Reddick and Aidan Gillen and many many more talent individuals – Quantum Break is promising to be a great story immersed in time travel shenanigans, Alan Wake easter eggs and theoretical physic’s accuracy via the help of lecturers from CERN.

We have the work of Ville Assinen to showcase today, who has been working at Remedy Entertainment as a Concept Artist since June 2012. Over the past few days he has been sharing several bits of work that he had created whilst working on Quantum Break and you can check that out below – If you’d like to see more of Ville Assinen do also check out his portfolio via clicking here.

Quantum Break Art by Ville Assinen

Ville Assinen

Ville Assinen - Quantum Break

Ville Assinen - Monarch Solutions Blockade

Ville Assinen - Wills Workshop

Schematics ‘n Solutions..