Some time ago we had shown off the work that Unit Image had done to create a cinematic trailer for The Division. Today we have the work of Platige Image to share on the extensive job that they had done on the For Honor cinematic trailer.

I think when we had looked at The Division’s trailer it was no understatement just how much work goes on in creating trailers for videogames, it most definitely is a painstakingly long process and often involves many individuals within the team.

Platige ImagePlatige Image is a visual effects studio that is located in Warsaw, Poland. They have created over 2,500 trailers, pieces of work, commercials since they were founded in 1997. The recognition that they have received for that work is beyond measure with over 200 awards and then some. Make no mistake, they are without a doubt – a giant within the industry.

For Honor was announced last year by Ubisoft at E3 2015 and immediately sparked the interest of a fair few gamers, it takes place during a medieval period where three factions of Samurais, Knights and Vikings get to go at each other in bloody battle.

Platige Image had created a trailer for For Honor to compliment the reveal, and you can take a look at the work of the concept artists and team members that made that trailer happen below.

For Honor – Tomasz Zaborek

Tomasz Zaborek - Platige Image

For Honor – Artur Sadlos