Dirty Bomb is an online first person shooter title which takes place in a time where London has been hit with a radiological attack. The title comes from the team Splash Damage, known for the development of BRINK, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Quake Wars and also Arkham Origins.

Georgi Simeonov is a Lead Concept Artist at Splash Damage and had been working on the development of Dirty Bomb since 2014, we also have the work of Andrew Porter who is a Concept Artist at Splash Damage too.

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Dirty Bomb Concept Art by Georgi Simeonov

Dirty Bomb - Georgi Simeonov - Canary Wharf

One of the major London underground stations, used as a CDA evacuation camp during the Dirty Bomb events, now just an empty tomb for some of the CDA’s darkest secrets, ones that many would like to get their hands on or have buried.

Dirty Bomb Concept Art by Anthony Porter

Andrew Porter - Underground

The underground, once a CDA evacuation point, now lies abandoned and empty.