Johnson Ting is the definition of “What would happen if you gave a really amazing videogames concept artist a little bit of personal time for his thoughts to run wild?”

For the past several years Malysian-born, Johnson Ting has been working within the videogaming industry as an concept artist for the likes of Square Enix, Black Tusk, Activision and Infinity Ward and is currently working at Project TriForce (You know, those people that make them really kickass statues?)

In his spare time however he has been working hard on his own passion projects, something that often lets his mind run wild when it comes to putting down something special, and rather being confined within briefs or a certain direction.

That passion project is called Neo Japan 2202 and another one is called Defcon 0. He is so proud of what he is creating that he will in time be creating books and a videogame about Neo Japan 2202, and I am genuinely excited to see the fruits of labor when that time arrives. Personally, Johnson Ting is one of my favorite artists and it is a joy and honor to finally share some of the work he’s been making – enjoy!

If you’d like to check out more of his work such as his project called Defcon 0, you can do so by visiting his CGSociety page here.

Neo Japan 2202 X Khyzyl Saleem - Interceptor

A collaboration between me and the amazing Khyzyl Saleem! Had the honor of him designing a kickass vehicle for Neo Japan, absolutely a beast!

Johnson Ting - Neo Japan 2202 -

A prototype Keisatsu during the early stages of production in Osaka

Phantoms - Special units that are used in stealth missions.

Phantoms – Special units that are used in stealth missions.