The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst by Anton Grandert | #157

Anton Grandert has worked at DICE Stockholm for almost 7 or so years working his way up from a Concept Artist to Senior Concept Artist and more recently as a Lead Senior Concept Artist. Today i’m sharing a brand new article with The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

While we have covered a significant amount of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in the past via the works of Per Haagensen and the awesome Character Art of Sanna Nivhede.

I still get a lot of requests sent into Escape The Level to cover even more Mirror’s Edge, as such I have decided to create a new special entry into the ongoing ‘The Art of’ series’, a series of articles where we take a look at the work of select titles. Previously some of those titles have been Battlefield, Remember Me, Quantum Break and ADR1FT.

If you fancy checking out more of Anton’s work do head on over to his portfolio here.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Concept Art

The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst by Anton Grandert

Architecture Exploration

Development around Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was as early as 2012 and Anton Grandert had created a series of architecture exploration concept pieces to try and imagine the City of Glass, and while he had no architecture experience and no knowledge of 3D back then he did a pretty good job.

DICE had later brought on a real architect by the name of Nick Leavy who assisted in visualizing the spaces that you see today in the game.

Close Combat Moods

“Exploring the style and tone of close combat, which was one of the pillars for the new Mirror’s Edge game I was working on back then with art director Jhony Ljungstedt. I want to send a big thank you to the concept art team at DICE, which was a big support for me back then. (Robert Sammelin, Mattias Häggström and also the old ME art director Johannes Söderqvist.)” — Anton Grandert

Rooftop Running

“One of the last images I created on the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst project, before jumping on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game at DICE 2013.” — Anton Grandert