Per Haagensen is an industry veteran when it comes to videogame concept art, we have some of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Art he had created whilst working on the project at DICE SwedenPer has previously worked with studios such as Warner Bros, Blizzard and Funcom throughout the years on titles like Age of Conan, The Dark Knight Rises and even World of Warcraft.

A few years ago however he had made the jump to DICE Sweden working as a Senior Concept Artist and is also in the role of Character Art Director for the studio too.

You may have recognized some of the work below, at-least the characters in an earlier article we had made this week which had taken a look at the work of Sanna Nivhede, a character artist who also works at DICE Sweden and has been sharing her work she had done. You can check out that article here and also take a jump on over to Per Haagensen’s portfolio if you’d like too!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Art by Per Haagensen

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Concept Art by Per Haagensen