The Last of Us, quite possibly one of the most iconic new entries into the videogaming industry for some time. It comes from the studio that created the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog and depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which well, things have hit the fan.

An outbreak of a mutant fungus has happened, most of civilization is destroyed or near being wiped out, everyone is trying to band together, quarantine zones have gotten nasty and rebellion has begun. The Last of Us takes you on a journey that most gamers will never forget.

Previously we had taken a look at the work of Marek Okon, Maciej Kuciara and Scribble Pad Studios in an article we had published alongside this one – if you’d like to take a look at part one click here.

We continue our look at the Art of The Last of Us by the concept art created by John Sweeney and Eytan Zana

The Last of Us Concept Art by John Sweeney

The Last of Us - John Sweeney

The Last of Us - John Sweeney

The Last of Us - John Sweeney

Eytan Zana

We hope you’ve enjoyed our final part of The Last of Us Concept Art, take a look at part one here, and stay tuned for more awesome concept art.