Continuing with our Art of Battlefield series, something which will be a month long look at the history of Battlefield through its concept art we now arrive on Battlefield 2 – which is considered to be the next major landing point after 1942. Battlefield 2 arrived in the middle of 2005, and a few months earlier YouTube had launched for example – to give an early perspective on how vintage this was.

The title was developed by the same team at DICE that created Battlefield 1942, with a little bit of assistance from mod outfit – Trauma Studios. DICE had bought the team a year prior to Battlefield 2 based upon their awesome work creating Desert Combat a mod for 1942. Trauma Studios later closed up and become which some may recall now as Kaos Studios, the team responsible for Frontlines Fuel of War and Homefront before later becoming defunct.

Following the huge success of Battlefield 1942 and a tiny while after that Battlefield: Vietnam, the team went directly onto working on Battlefield 2 – something which would prove to be the staple point for the entire franchise and nailing the core pillars of Battlefield and beginning a game that would still have people playing 9 or so years after it launched..

Below you can see a few concept art pieces from Battlefield 2 and its expansions.

That’s a wrap for part two of our look at the Art of Battlefield franchise, if you’d like to view more Battlefield artwork take a look at our other articles we’ve already published below. Stay tuned for the next article!

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