Today we are beginning to share a mass amount of Titanfall 2 Concept Art that has been released by the art team at Respawn Entertainment over the past few days.

Tu Bui is without a doubt a genius, not only through the extensive amount of work he had done on Titanfall 1, (which we had shared some time ago by the way.)

But also through his personal work too, and, to be honest, when I had first heard that Titanfall 2 was in development – It was Tu Bui‘s work that I was really excited to see, and here is just a very small amount of the work he has shared so far!

Fancy looking at some of Tu’s personal work? Jump on over here.

Titanfall 2 Concept Art by Tu Bui

IMC Hallway
The Fold Weapon


Timeshift Storm Sky

Boomtown’s Assembly Line