Unit Image is an multi award winning visual effects and animation studio located in France, they specialize in the creation of trailers and video assets for commercials and videogames.

They have worked frequently with Ubisoft over the creation of many cinematic trailers throughout the years most recently being the likes of The Crew, Zombi U and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. They have also been working with Coca-cola, Peugeot, Oasis and World of Tanks ontop of many more.

Recently Unit Image had teamed up with Ubisoft to create a trailer called The Division Yesterday, through many months of collaboration with various concept artists they released the following trailer.

Below you can also see various colorscripts and frame’s that the team had done – alot of work for 2 minutes!

Mathias Zamęcki (Portfolio)

© Unit Image – Ubisoft

Jeremy Paillotin (Portfolio)

jeremy-paillotin-785fd064-bcb4-4ab4-a9bf-99e5773513bc jeremy-paillotin-c5cf9b90-66c4-4747-a811-4a68d3051051

Julien Gauthier (Portfolio)

© Unit Image – Ubisoft


Efflam Mercier (Portfolio)

© Unit Image – Ubisoft

efflam-mercier-color-script-efflam efflam-mercier-division-rough-01-v003 © Unit Image - Ubisoft

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