Faye Kime is a 2D Artist currently working at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios based in Nottingham, UK. During her career she had worked on the likes of Warfare and Crysis whilst working at Crytek.

Recently, Faye Kime has been sharing some of her work she had been creating while working on Homefront: The Revolution. Some of it is User Interface elements such as menus and the likes, but also she has worked on posters and other design elements too.

If you’d like to check out Faye Kime’s portfolio, head on over to this link. If you would like to see more artwork about Homefront: The Revolution, jump on over to this link.

Homefront The Revolution UI by Faye Kime

KACTV - Homefront: The Revolution

I had the responsibility of creating an ident that could loop, an animating background, test card, broadcast camera HUD. I also created a template for outsource to use as a basis to composite broadcast videos.