Marcin Karolewski recently shared some of the concept art and sketches that he had created for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt whilst working at Division 48, a studio located in Poland.

Please note that if you have yet to finish Witcher 3, this may not be the art you are looking for – as the work that Marcin Karolweski created is mostly about the ending scenarios of the story, something that even I am yet to complete – but I love Marcin’s work so much that I feel the need to share the work he has done.

It had taken him a lot of hours to create all this work during the development of the game. He didn’t reach his deadlines sometimes, and it was a very rough ordeal – but he conquered it and came out ontop with an experience that not many get to share.

Witcher 3 raised the bar and then some, so enjoy this work and also check out Marcin Karolewski’s Behance portfolio for some of the other work he’s created.

Witcher 3 Concept Art by Marcin Karolewski