Today we have some Mass Effect Andromeda UI Art to share from Eric Bellefeuille, who worked at Bioware for over 4 and a half years working on the Mass Effect franchise.

First however, let’s get this out the way; When it comes to User Interfaces, Eric Bellefeuille is a genius at it. Throughout his career he has had influence on the direction of UI for multiple titles, you may recognize some of his work in the likes of Mass Effect Omega DLC, Splinter Cell Conviction or even Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Yes, that’s correct – he’s been about with a few publishers and developers throughout his lengthy career with Ubisoft, Bioware, Eidos and Gameloft. Currently he’s working at Eidos Montreal as a Presentation Director on an unannounced game.

Today however, it is all about Mass Effect Andromeda and the amazingly detailed UI that he’s created for it, you may even see some elements from the below art that didn’t make it into the game, sit back, enjoy and take in the inspiration.

If you’d like to check out more of Eric’s work throughout the years check out his Behance here.

Mass Effect Andromeda UI Art by Eric Bellefeuille

“I am glad to finally share the conclusion of a 4.5 years in the making of Mass Effect Andromeda at Bioware Montreal as a Lead UI Artist. The work produced in this project was a great deal of collaborations with pretty much all departments at both Bioware Montreal and Edmonton. Also special thanks to all my fellow GUI Artists and Programmers for all their hard work on the game and for their creativity during my Odyssey at Bioware. The user interface in the game were a mix of augmented reality surface table concepts, interactive 3d props design, plenty of menus and HUD systems for gameplay support.” – Eric Bellefeuille

Eric Bellefeuille