Halo 5 UI Concepts by Ramiro Galan | #43

Ramiro Galan is a freelance UI Designer located in Kirkland, USA. Back in July 2013 he had been picked up by 343 Industries to work with them as a User Interface Designer for Halo 5 Guardians, he had done so for about 2 and a half years.

His main role was to create various elements for the front end menu’s such as the Spartan Hub, Post Game Carnage reports, Pause Menu and also Game Lobbies. He was also tasked with visualizing other art assets like the War Zone Medals and Player Emblems featured within the game.

While most of his work has been in creating mobile UI’s and user experiences for the likes of Verizon and Nike, his work on Halo 5 has given things a new look and a really unique UI that isnt rivaled.

Below you can check out some of his work and also visit his portfolio, Pixel Kings, for more.

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