Mind of the Virtuoso Cinematic Trailer

Check out a recent League of Legends Cinematic Trailer called Mind of the Virtuoso, which was directed by Ben Hibon of Axis Animation. The Mind of the Virtuoso cinematic itself is very harrowing yet surprisingly beautiful in its execution with a twist on slow mo.

It was intended as an introduction / teaser for the new League of Legends champion Jhin, and is a part of a vast collection of cinematics centering around the League of Legends franchise.

You may have checked out the cinematic by clicking the button above, however do also check out the alternate version released by Ben Hibon which plays to the tune of a tweaked version of the Eurthymics classic “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” which featured within Sucker Punch and even more recently, X-Men: Apocalypse


Creative Director(s): Ben Hibon
Producer: Debbie Ferguson
Executive Producer: Debbie Ross
Client: Riot Games