Luis António has been working on the art direction on The Witness with Jonathan Blow since 2011, originally born in Portugal one of his first jobs was working at Rockstar Games on characters and environments for Manhunt 2. Later moving to work on Ubisoft projects as a Lead Artist and Art Director – He has now moved to indie projects such as The Witness for a bit more of a different challenge.

The Witness is an exploration game coming to Playstation 4 and PC in just a few days time, which will task players with exploring and abandoned island with mystery afoot.

The art direction for this game is one of the most colorful that is out there, take a look at the work Luis has done and enjoy more of his work on his portfolio.

Updated: Other members of the team responsible for the art style and work shown below would be Game Artist, Orsi Spanyol and World Builder Eric Anderson – Thank’s for the heads up Luis!