We are back at it with Concept Art here on EscapeTheLevel as we reach our 150th article, we also reach Season 2 of EscapeTheLevel content. Today we are kicking off with some Sims 4 Concept Art created by Visual Development Artist, Jocelyn Liang.

Jocelyn now works at Nickelodeon Animation Studio as a Background Artist on shows such as Pinky Malinky however before her stint at Nickelodeon she had worked at Electronic Arts as an Concept Artist on Sims 4. Throughout the development of the game she had worked on clothing assets, build mode props and environments among other things.

Below you can check out the work she had created while working on Sims 4, but you can also jump over to her own portfolio here to check out some more of her awesome work!

Sims 4 Concept Art by Jocelyn Liang