Marek Okon - Concept ArtMarek Okon is one of those Concept Artist’s where you have most likely seen his artwork throughout the web in the past if you are a frequent follower of artwork.

Some of his work has garnered a lot of views and love over the years, such as his piece “Rain” which although created almost 10 years ago is within reaching distance of 1 million views on DeviantArt alone.

It’s the one where a girl is stood in a yellow raincoat holding up a pulled grenade with a lot of red lasers pointing at her, seen it? Yeah.. If you haven’t, what have you been looking at!

Marek Okon has worked with some of the largest development studios and businesses to date, including the likes of working with Sega, Crytek, Naughty Dog and Capcom. And while he has settled down with Marvel Entertainment now for two years, he has also recently worked on the likes of Witcher 3 with CD Projekt Red and even Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

His career is forever changing and as such, his work is ever evolving – Take a look below and check out his portfolio by clicking here too.

The Videogaming Concept Art of Marek Okon

MarekOkon Concept Art