Leading Light Design is a concept art & production design studio located in Guildford, UK. In their extensive history they have worked with many game development studios such as Media Molecule, Bethesda Game Studios, Ubisoft, Lionhead Studios and Crytek to create awe-inspiring pieces of concept art and environmental pieces.

Each project that they do is entirely unique to the team and they go through everything with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that nothing is ever the same – which is a pretty mean feat for concept artists to be constantly versatile and fresh.

Check out some of their work below and view more at their studio page here.

The Evil Within

Killzone 2

No Man’s Sky

1-Beat_cave_02 2-Beat_vista_01 3-Beat_watering+hole_02 8-Beat_canyon+chase_02 10-Beat_warp_02 B&WConcept_013 B&WConcept_015 B&WConcept_016G sketch_001