Brandon Meier is a Visual Designer and Illustrator that had joined the game development team of Riot Games who known for their smash hit in the competitive gaming scene – League of Legends. Brandon had joined the team back in December before a stint of jobs at the likes of GoPro and a few other companies.

During his spare time he likes to create fan art and is absolutely fascinated with the creation of posters for the Last of Us. So much so that Naughty Dog had paid attention to the work that Brandon Meier was creating, and they have officially licensed the posters that he creates as part of the Last of Us franchise.

We love the work that Brandon has created within this little passion series of his, and we thought it may be something of a different tone than what you may come to expect to read on Escape The Level, so check it out – enjoy and get in touch if you’d like to see more like this!

Also, do check out Brandon Meier‘s behance page for more of his work.

Last of Us Poster Series by Brandon Meier