Deep Silver and DeviantArt have teamed up to create a design contest for Homefront The Revolution. Artists are tasked with creating a illustration that depicts one of the historic American revolutionary landmarks in Philadelphia, which is the location of the game in Homefront The Revolution

The winner will get a billboard with his or her winning entry on a billboard advertising Homefront The Revolution, along with $6,000 USD, collectors edition of the game, some PC hardware and dA goodies. There are tons of prizes for second and third place, along with prizes for 22 runner-ups too.

While the event is still ongoing and no winners have been announced as of yet that doesn’t necessarily stop us from showing off some of the entries submitted so far, here is just a small selection of some of the awesome ones coming in!

Homefront - Baek Hyun

Homefront – Baek Hyun

Make a Stand! - Muhammed Ansar Ali

Make a Stand! – Muhammed Ansar Ali