Ertaç Altınöz is a Turkish concept artist who is currently working as a freelancer and previously has done extensive work within the industry such as working with Paizo Publishing on Pathfinder material. In his spare time he likes to create Game of Thrones Fan Art, some of his creations have been given a bit of attention as they seem to be accurate predictions of future plot points – points that the books hadn’t touched upon either.

Ertaç loves getting a bit creative with his personal work, and while these are technically not videogame related as we tend to specialize in here at Escape The Level we do feel that his work is pretty amazing, and well, we need to share it. Besides, Game of Thrones does have a few videogames about it – so I guess we can slide a little, right?

Check out his DeviantART profile here too!

Game of Thrones Fan Art