Ilya’s impressive workstation.

Ilya Kuvshinov is a Freelance Illustrator that recently moved from Russia to Yokohama, Japan to create more stunning work and find better work opportunities, he has a history within creating pieces of art about games and story board pieces.

Recently Ilya has taken to Patreon with the same interests as Patrick Brown and Anna Nikonova whose work we showed off on #8 and #12 respectively. Ilya uses his Patreon to communicate with his fans and also creates pieces of work just for them along with tutorials that encourages his fanbase to create just as much as he does.

If you are keen to stay aware of the work Ilya Kuvshinov is doing you can follow his Twitter or Facebook – or even jump on over to his Patreon and contribute.

Below you can find some of his game related works and a few other tidbits!