Duncan Harris is the mastermind behind the one-man-project, Dead End Thrills a site in which many gamers feel is at the pinnacle of videogaming screenshottery. It has existed for a fair few years now and as those years go by there are more and more individuals taking up ‘videogame photography’ however Dead End Thrills still remains at the top, effortlessly creating style and emotion through nearly every screenshot Duncan Harris takes.

It is safe to say that almost every screenshot holds a little bit of story, and the goal out of it all is to do the very same thing that we here at Escape The Level are trying to do, inspire you to see the game in a different light. Rather than through through that building, city or map with ease, stop and look around a little and you may just find something rather inspiring.

Take a look below at some of our favorite choices from Dead End Thrills, and check out the site too!

Dead End Thrills – Screenshots Are Art Too

Dragon Age Inquisition - DeadEndThrills